What is Karrot Shire?

It is the very first multiplayer online role playing game (MORPG) built on top of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It consists of a level hosted as a multiplayer server, but it has lots of interesting new features built around this, such as:

  • Quests - the game has a full epic storyline
  • An inventory with items you can carry around, and a bank vault
  • A fully automated shopping system
  • Trading between users
  • Skills like woodcutting and mining
  • Anti-cheat measures
More features can be found on the Features page.

You will need to create your own user and login everytime you play. This has many advantages for the server, who doesn't have to keep a record of everything, and for you, because it gives you instant access to all of your own stuff.

To play, you need to have the Karrot Shire Utility running alongside Jazz Jackrabbit. The Utility is essential and will assist you in many ways while playing.

See it for yourself: take a look at the Media page.