Progress Report

This is where we try to keep you posted of what we've been developing for Karrot Shire - we will provide reports as often as we can. This is to bridge the gap between hosts of Karrot Shire somewhat. Got some inspiration? Let us know what you think via the Report system in the utility or send an email to wadlcury at gmail dot com.

New feature: Secrets!

(18 March 2008)

Easter is coming; therefore, we must go looking for easter eggs! There are now over 25 secret areas in Karrot Shire (a lot have been added since the last update) and there will eventually be 50. Look forward to being able to keep track of how many secrets you have found, thanks to a new Secrets tab in the Utility. Finding secrets will be required for a new quest we are developing. On top of that, we plan to give players a reward for locating all of the secrets. However, I think that the real pleasure of discovering a secret will be the secret itself: access to a previously unreachable place, a nice new shortcut, a cool new area etc.

Storyline update

(18 March 2008)

No, we do not have the outcome of the story planned in detail! :P Therefore, we face decisions on how best to twist the plot. The mobile phone that one got after the Military Training will play a role, because you will eventually be called on it to start some quests for the Military Base (this will save you from having to travel to the Island and back many times!). The storyline is at the mid-point right now, I would say, or perhaps a little before it. The quests themselves are getting more complicated to make. Needless to say, it will take another couple of months at the least before the entire story is done.